iOS 11 has been released on the first day of WWDC 17. It comes with lots of new features but not as new as we expected, like most of those things are already available on cydia. If you are jailbreak user then nothing excites you. But if you are not then it worth to install.

Here is the simple hack through you can get all beta update on your device without having developer account.

iOS 11 is compatible with these devices:


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How To Install iOS 9 Beta Free?

Posted: July 19, 2015 in ios


Hello all the beautiful faces!

Today we are talking about how to install iOS 9 beta version in any supported iDevice for free? now many of you may know about new iOS 9 beta is released and key features of it. Now if you are user like me who don’t want wait till September than follow this post.All major feature of iOS 9 explained here.

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There are lots of things that apple should give in a stock version of iOS but it won’t. Because of that people do the jailbreak. Jailbreak gives freedom to user to do whatever they want to do with their device. All the apps that apple won’t give by defaults are always available in cydia.

For an example, In iOS 8 apple allowed third party keyboard which is available in jailbreak store before iOS 6 has released and android has from version 2.1. Same story in iOS 9 dual window feature and so on….

Image result for app store vs cydia

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How to jailbreak iOS 10 with YALU?

Posted: December 23, 2016 in Hack, ios, Jailbreak

yes today we will talk about new jailbreak named “Yalu” released by Todesco.


Before i start explaining one thing i want to make it clear is that this jailbreak is in beta stage and only for developer users. it is unstable,may break your phone and force  you to update iOS 10.2 without any option. That means you may not jailbreak your device when public version is release because chances are too high that public version may only for iOS 10.1.

Now kind of stable jailbreak is available for iOS 10.2 from same guy Luda Todesco.

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Control your windows from android

Posted: September 16, 2016 in Android, PC Tricks

Most software and IT professionals are very familiar with the concept of remote desktop which allows one computer to be accessed from another computer. However, few people know that a PC can be accessed via a smartphone.

For that, you need two things:

  1. Chrome remote desktop app in your phone/tablet. which can be installed from google play store: Chrome Remote Desktop – Android Apps on Google Play
  2. Google chrome browser in your PC. you need to add Chrome Remote Desktop extension in your PC’s chrome browser. which can be done from here: Chrome Remote Desktop

All the software required to set up this is developed by google and available in official places like Play store and chrome web store. So there is absolutely no chance of getting spyware and viruses. the below process is 100% secure and safe!

The configuration in your PC is a bit long process, but once you set up the remote desktop, it will be worth it.

to access your PC from your phone/tablet, just follow these instructions:

Step 1: Open chrome in your PC and click the Apps button.

Step 2: The apps tray will open. Click on the Chrome remote desktop app.

Step 3: Sign in using your google account and allow all the permissions:

Step 4: You will get a Authorize window like this. Click continue.

Step 5: Click on this button. My computer → Get Started.

Step 6: Click “Enable remote connections”, It will ask you to install one last thing. which is Chrome remote desktop host. Install it.

Step 7: Once it is installed, you need to provide a 6 digit PIN of your choice.

Step 8: Finally you will get a message like this!:

And the configuration part is done!

To access your PC from your phone, now launch the Remote desktop app in your phone/tablet.

It will show your PC name.

Tapping on the PC name will ask for the 6 digit pin which you created in your PC. Type the pin and Click connect.

And Your PC screen will appear magically in your phone/tablet.

The below two screenshots are taken from my phone screen, not from my PC.

using MS paint from my phone. You can use normal two finger zoom to enlarge the live screen in your phone/tablet.

From now on, if someone in your family or friend is technically challenged and having problems with your computer while you are away, you can use this to help them troubleshoot the issue on the go!


Gmail search tricks

Posted: August 31, 2016 in Web

Advanced search using operators

You can refine Gmail search to great lengths using operators. Here are some that I use regularly (apart from the well-known “from:“, “to:“, “cc:“, “bcc:“, “subject:“, and “has:attachment“):
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Every Gmail user has two email addresses.

For example: if you have a Gmail id:, the second one

This will be useful for opening multiple accounts in a website or app.

For example, In Redbus mobile app, if you are new user (i.e., if you use new email id) you will get flat 100 rupees off on ticket booking. If you have already you can still use and take advantage of the offer. You will receive your ticket to your normal inbox itself. Thank me for saving your time from creating a new email account.

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Google Tricks

Posted: August 14, 2016 in Web

Search for content within the site:For example I’m searching for the topic android within the site ScoopWhoop in the pic below

  • Search for related sites:

Get direct links to pdf files on google(Replace pdf with other file types such as xls,ppt,etc). Just type

FILETYPE:pdf your pdf file name

Search direct links of your favourite mp3 songs.

intitle:index.of?mp3 Your song name here

Get direct links to download your favorite movies from google search by typing

+”index of””Your Movie Name” Release date

Thanks for reading.

Hello guys so i think everybody know that the apple release the its new operating system for all their devices.i hope you also gone through all the cool features that going to release in couple of months if you are not don’t know chill apple explain very well on there site just go through this link.


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Before i explain you,i want to saw you some examples of which kind of image you can make using this application What application?😱,ya application for android and iOS users it is not complicated as Photoshop.


Hello People!

I think most people may know about and uses Whatsapp messenger for chatting and calling.Sometimes it happen that  your friend send you a message but you can’t read it beacause your Last Seen will change to current and you also have to reply it so today i am gonna saw you How To Read Whastsapp Messages Without Changing Last Seen? you can also send messege without changing your Last Seen by same method..

Wait Wait i am not talking about go to setting and and set your last seen to nobody.

First it is very very simple trick but i think it is useful and most of people may not know so i think i want write a article.

Here we start,suppose you got a notification of whatsapp that someone messeged you,now if you want to read these messages first disconnect your internet now open up whatsapp you can read all the new messege now when you done close the whatsapp and again connect to internet.

Similar to send a message disconnect internet connection than open a whatsapp and type message and click on send home key and again connect to internet.

Another way to send a messenger is by google now.


How to Launch google now?


1.  Press the Home button and swipe up onto your home screen.
2.  That’s it. No, seriously. Enjoy Google Now.

Not all phones have on-screen navigation keys, so the method differs depending on the phone.
1. On other phones, long pressing the physical Home button usually does the trick.
2. Some phones like the Galaxy Note 2 require a long press of Home and then a tap on a Google icon.

Now Say “Ok Google, send a WhatsApp message to Joe”—after which you’ll get a prompt asking you to dictate your message. Or, you can do it all in one step: “Ok Google, send a WhatsApp message to Josh: let’s do dinner tomorrow night.”

Thank You For Reading.